HelloWorld in Android

1. double-click on eclipse shortcut

2. create new project; File > New > Project > Android 

3. select Android Project and click Next button to continue

4. Project Name field; HelloWorld

5. choose your Build Target (refer previous tutorial) and click Next button

6. define your Package Name; com.mohdfaizal.HelloWorld

7. HelloWorld project successfully created

8. expand /res/layout and double click on main.xml file

9. add textview and button

– original file –

– edited file –

10. save (ctrl + s) and run the application

11. android emulator will be displayed

12. unlock and double-click on HelloWorld launcher

13. finish. yeay!


Setup Android Environments

1. click on this link: http://developer.android.com/sdk/index.html

2. download package: android-sdk_r17-windows.zip

3. extract the zip file

4. create a directory (e.g: Android 4.0)

5. expand the direcory and double click on SDK Manager

6. click on ‘Install 16 packages…’ button. choose Accept and proceed to install.

7. Android SDK Manager Log will be displayed while downloading the packages.

8. open eclipse and click on Help > Install New Software

9. type this link: https://dl-ssl.google.com/android/eclipse/

10. Developer Tools will be displayed, expand and check all. click Next to continue.

11. click Next button to proceed

12. choose I accept the terms of the license agreements

13. installing the related software

14. click Ok to proceed

15. after finished, restart your eclipse

16. choose Use existing SDK

17. click Finish to proceed

18. click on Window > AVD Manager

19. create New AVD

20. config your Launch Options

21. finish. yeay!